$2.5M Awarded to Healthcare Workers in CHI Medical Group Wage and Hour Case

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Commitment to justice with proven results

Scott Blankenship and the Blankenship Law Firm have a proven track record of success with multiple million dollar settlements.  Scott has represented employees with a multitude of different issues ranging from discrimination, retaliation, and sexual harassment.    


Here I have found the difference between good lawyers and GREAT lawyers

“I was extremely selective in choosing representation because of the considerably large size and scope of my case and the numerous individuals who it benefits. A lot of good firms expressed a high degree of interest in my case, but I wanted the best. I sought out The Blankenship Law Firm and when I first met Scott and his dedicated team I was immediately impressed by how they took ownership of my problem and gave me confidence by laying out how they will do everything possible to help my case succeed. Scott and his team are highly motivated, often working into the night on my case and taking extreme ownership of it. Additionally on motivation, the firm doesn’t just respond when I call them; they make my phone ring. Good lawyers try to deliver, but great lawyers DELIVER: Scott and his team consistently do what they say they will and get it executed by when they tell me they will. I have found the team at The Blankenship Law Firm’s devotion to excellence, brilliant knowledge of the law and providing access to justice to be First Class every step of the way. I cannot give a strong enough recommendation here. They have definitely earned every one of the 5 Stars I am giving.”

- Jeff Main

Scott quickly and favorably resolved an employment dispute

“Scott Blankenship and the team at The Blankenship Law Firm provided me with excellent service and support in quickly and favorably resolving an employment dispute. I am very grateful that I had Scott fighting by my side. Scott was there to answer any questions along the way. He was very sympathetic and empathetic, and was a bright light throughout the entire process. From start to finish, he was approachable, and made me feel comfortable and well-informed about all the important decisions that came up along the way. Scott invested the time to understand what goals could be attained, and worked with me like a partner to make sure that we reached them. I felt like he was personally invested in making sure that I got the best result, which took an enormous amount stress off my shoulders knowing that I had a trusted advisor like him as my lawyer. I would not hesitate to recommend Scott Blankenship and his team to my friends and family.”

- Tech Executive

Scott Blankenship’s integrity, brilliance and knowledge are extraordinary

“I am very grateful to have been represented by Scott and his team. Having over 30 years of experience negotiating medical debt settlements with attorneys, I was anxious at the reality of needing an attorney to represent me in an employment matter. From the first meeting to the very end, every interaction with Scott and his team was exceptional. Some examples of the difference in his practice from what I’ve experienced in past situations are: • Every person on The Blankenship Law Firm team listened and asked questions to fully understand my situation and desired outcomes. • Scott and his team took my complex employment situation and made it into a strong, clearly stated case. • Even though litigation would have increased the settlement amount, at no time was I pressured to take that route. Scott put my interests first. • The communication and updates were spot on, and my questions were answered promptly. The team at The Blankenship Law Firm educated me and kept me informed every step of the way. • Scott’s direction and instructions calmed my fears. His clear passion to help and protect gave me the confidence to hold out for the right settlement. • His negotiation skills with the opposing attorneys were brilliant, yet always respectful. • Scott and his team were compassionate and reasonable throughout the entire process. Without Scott’s support, I likely would have settled for less than was truly due me. Together we protected my future income. Thank you to Scott and his entire team.”

- Healthcare Executive

He treated me like family

“From the day I called and met the Blankenship Law Firm they have treated me like family and I got the results as they had promised me. They communicate well and called me often to check on me listen to my cries I couldn’t have asked for a better God sent family.”

- Navia

Knowing that I had Scott assisting me was a tremendous relief

“I left the same message with Scott Blankenship’s assistant that I had left at the other three firms. I was told that Scott wasn’t available but a time was scheduled when we could talk. After Scott and I talked by phone we scheduled a time to meet at his office. We discussed my situation in detail. I was impressed with how well he listened, how he engaged me and the questions that he asked. He felt strongly that I had a case that we could go forward with. We discussed his fee structure which I thought was fair and in-line with industry practices. I now had my attorney. Even though there was considerable time and work ahead of us to reach the finish line, knowing that I had someone of Scott’s caliber assisting me and handling the strategy was a tremendous relief.”

- Anonymous

Thankfully, we met Scott and his team

“When I was abruptly terminated without cause, I knew it was grossly unfair and I had to fight it. But I didn’t know where to begin—my reputation was ruined and most people I approached, both professionally and socially, looked at me with suspicion and disdain. Since I was fired from a large, powerful, popular Catholic healthcare system, colleagues and friends thought that I must have done something terrible to deserve termination. It was an extremely stressful time for my family and me. Thankfully, we eventually met Scott and his team as a referral from a physician colleague. Scott listened to me thoroughly and believed in me. While everyone—family, friends, and enemies alike—wanted me to just let it go and leave town, Scott understood my need to clear my name. This was all I needed. It was a great comfort to be heard, but also very empowering to know that a lawyer of his caliber and experience was willing to stand by a ruined individual like me to fight a big institution.”

- Dr. Ramon Añel

Personable Professional and Successful

“Many people have the impression of a law firm as being cold and rigidly structured and in many examples, understandably so. I will confess to some degree of anxiety in this regard myself, however the Blankenship Law Firm was a most pleasant surprise. Unlike anticipated undertones of “welcome to the machine”, Scott Blankenship and his staff treated me with considerable courtesy, respect and consideration. At the same time, the Blankenship Law Firm was entirely professional in pursuing my best interests. The same professionalism is also confirmed by their positive results and I might add, regardless of the size of the opposing law firm.”

- Doug Swanson
Hard-Working, Intelligent, Knowledgable, and Compassionate

“Scott Blankenship is a hard-working, intelligent, knowledgeable, and compassionate attorney.  He and his staff are extremely talented and thorough, and have great passion for their clients.

I am a college-educated veteran with more than 35 years as a successful business person in upper management.  When I would not participate in illegal activity, I was harassed, demoted, and forced to leave my job only to be blackballed to the point where other local companies were afraid to hire me. Previously a provider for my family, my life became a living hell for several years. Scott Blankenship gave us a bright light of hope and encouragement.

After serving this company with Federal charges, the person responsible for these horrendous actions retaliated by suing my wife and me for defamation.  Normally Mr. Blankenship would not have taken on this lawsuit nor would any other employment attorney.   His compassion and belief in us, not to mention hours of work with his staff, won a settlement in our case and put our lives back to normal again. 

We know there is no one that would have worked this hard; Scott never once gave up or became tired or discouraged.  Scott Blankenship and his staff were so patient and kind, always explaining what we didn’t understand and so diligent to walk us through things we needed to do.  He was always with us 110%. 

We will forever be grateful to Scott and his expert staff.”

- Former Client

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