“Scott Blankenship is a hard-working, intelligent, knowledgeable, and compassionate attorney. He and his staff are extremely talented and thorough, and have great passion for their clients.

I am a college-educated veteran with more than 35 years as a successful businessperson in upper management. When I would not participate in illegal activity, I was harassed, demoted, and forced to leave my job only to be blackballed to the point where other local companies were afraid to hire me. Previously a provider for my family, my life became a living hell for several years. Scott Blankenship gave us a bright light of hope and encouragement.

After serving this company with Federal charges, the person responsible for these horrendous actions retaliated by suing my wife and me for defamation. Normally, Mr. Blankenship would not have taken on this lawsuit, nor would any other employment attorney. His compassion and belief in us, not to mention hours of work with his staff, won a settlement in our case and put our lives back to normal again. 

We know there is no one that would have worked this hard; Scott never once gave up or became tired or discouraged. Scott Blankenship and his staff were so patient and kind, always explaining what we didn’t understand and so diligent to walk us through things we needed to do. He was always with us 110%. 

We will forever be grateful to Scott and his expert staff.”