We Take on Healthcare Systems, Corporations, and the Government on Behalf of People, Employees, and Professionals Who Have Been Mistreated—and We Win

Employment and civil rights laws exist to protect people from abuses of power.  Even accomplished physicians and long-serving corporate executives can be victimized by greedy and unscrupulous employers via discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, and wage theft.

If you have suffered financial or emotional harm because of the illegal actions of your employer, trust the experienced legal team at The Blankenship Law Firm to protect your rights. Founding attorney Scott Blankenship has over three decades of experience in employment law, complex litigation, class action lawsuits, sexual assault, and personal injury cases with proven results and published cases. He is surrounded by a team of accomplished, capable, and time-tested attorneys, knowledgeable paralegals, and experienced investigators who work together to see that justice is done in your case.

We also represent victims of civil rights violations, sexual abuse, catastrophic accidents, nursing home abuse and neglect, and police misconduct. When the most vulnerable members of our society are injured by the negligence or intentional action of another person or entity, they need strong and experienced advocates to get them the compensation they deserve.  

Our public record of success and our multi-million-dollar verdicts prove that no case is too complicated for us, and no defendant is too big for us to take on. We have an undaunted commitment to justice and proven success in advocating for our clients.