“When I was abruptly terminated without cause, I knew it was grossly unfair and I had to fight it. But I didn’t know where to begin—my reputation was ruined and most people I approached, both professionally and socially, looked at me with suspicion and disdain. Since I was fired from a large, powerful, popular Catholic healthcare system, colleagues and friends thought that I must have done something terrible to deserve termination. It was an extremely stressful time for my family and me.

Thankfully, we eventually met Scott and his team as a referral from a physician colleague. Scott listened to me thoroughly and believed in me. While everyone—family, friends, and enemies alike—wanted me to just let it go and leave town, Scott understood my need to clear my name. This was all I needed. It was a great comfort to be heard, but also very empowering to know that a lawyer of his caliber and experience was willing to stand by a ruined individual like me to fight a big institution.”

Dr. Ramon Añel