Outstanding Legal Outcomes

Scott is, bar none, the best employment attorney I’ve ever seen in action.The Blankenship Law Firm operates under the maxim that preparation leads to superior performance. The Firm’s adherence to this maxim is precisely why they deliver such outstanding legal outcomes for their clients. Most importantly, they have a track record of success. This focus can be seen across the entire continuum of the Firm’s law practice from the hiring of staff, researching of case law, preparation for depositions, cross examination of Defendents and their witnesses, an unflinching willingness to push a case into the court room if necessary and finally, exhibiting superb settlement negotiation skills.

Scott and his staff are masterful at developing an easy rapport with their clients and being client-centric from the start of the legal process to its conclusion.

To those in need of legal representation I would say choose the best: The Blankenship Law Firm.

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