Excellent Representation

My name is Ka Lam; I was a victim of retaliation by my former employer. I was a young man when this happened, barely into my mid 20’s. I knew what happened, but I was never sure I could convince others. I wanted my story to be heard, I wanted justice, I wanted for nobody to go through what I did.

I started my process with the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. After a while my case was making progress; however it was moving at a much slower pace than I wished. It had become a growing source of stress for me.

In early 2010, I decided to start looking for outside representation to supplement the EEOC’s effort. I wanted someone that would believe me. I had a list of attorneys who I contacted but few spent the time to meet with me and listen to my story the way Scott did, let alone the fact that Scott explained to me in honesty how the legal arena works. I did not come to my decision to sign with The Blankenship Law Firm lightly but Scott and his team gave me the best impression and highest comfort level. The Blankenship Law Firm stands head and shoulders above other firms.

During my arduous and hard fought battle, I was stressed and uneasy. Scott and his team gave me comfort and reassured me everything would be OK and that they were in my corner. That comfort and reassurance was invaluable to me.

Today, nearing the conclusion of my case, I am ready to close this chapter of my life with my head held high, my dignity restored; I am in debt to Scott and his team. I want to tell you that Scott and The Blankenship Law Firm will forever be more than my attorneys… they are also my friends.

You will be doing yourself a disservice by not having Scott and his team represent you.

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