Compassion and Passion!

I lost my job after more than thirty years employment, and attaining the position of president. I needed the best legal representation in a multimillion dollar contract dispute with a former employer. I could not afford anything less than a successful result for my family.

I interviewed lawyers from the largest firms in the country based on recommendations from my law and business contacts. I selected Scott Blankenship and his firm over many other accomplished lawyers who wanted to represent me, based on something different about him and his team: compassion and passion.

What I discovered over the three years of representation by The Blankenship Law Firm was that it takes something extra to succeed in today’s legal world. From the beginning, Scott Blankenship made every effort to prepare me and my family for the legal process. He was more than just a highly accomplished lawyer. He had the passion and ability to skillfuly prepare the case, and had the compassion and ability to emotionally prepare my family and me for the emotional challenges of litigation.

I cannot imagine what toll this experience might have had on me and my family without what we found with the Blankenship team. We will always be indebted for the genuine compassion and passion displayed by all and, of course, the very successful resolution to my case!

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