August 16, 2012

Our Focus

The Blankenship Law Firm can provide you with exceptional legal representation. We take great pride in our innovative, passionate and ethical approach to the practice of law. We employ state of the art technology both at trial and behind the scenes, and use the law as a tool to solve problems and find truth and accountability. Simply put, we pride ourselves in striving for the absolute best results for our clients.

We are trial lawyers. We enjoy being in court, and believe in the justice system. We firmly believe in taking cases to trial, and have had significant success in all levels of the court system. However, negotiation skills, strategic planning, and a systematic process often save clients from expensive and time-consuming litigation. Negotiation or litigation, The Blankenship Law Firm will work for you and fight for your cause.

Although we have handled cases throughout the United States, we are conveniently located in Seattle, Washington.