$1.85 Million Anti-Immigrant Harassment Settlement

A former crewmember on a 155-foot Alaskan fishing vessel on the Bering Sea finalized his settlement  in a race harassment lawsuit against his former employer, Alaska Longline, LLC. The case was scheduled for a jury trial in May 2017.  Mr. Francisco Miranda, a U.S. Citizen of Mexican National Origin, testified that the captain of the ship targeted him and other crewmembers based on their race and Mexican heritage. The Captain openly announced his animus towards Mexican immigration and the Hispanic crew.

Miranda and other crewmembers testified that the Captain of the vessel openly expressed contempt towards Mexican and Hispanic employees for “taking white guys’ jobs.” On multiple occasions, the Captain complained that Mexican immigrants were ruining America, stating “They [Mexicans] should all swim back to Mexico.” Miranda and crewmembers offered sworn testimony that crewmembers of Mexican National Origin were often referred to by racial epithets like “God Damn Spic,” “Wetback,” “Beaner,” “Dirty Mexican,” and “Stinky Mexican” instead of being called by actual names.


“Hispanic man wins $1.85M judgment over racial abuse while crewing on fishing boat” – The Seattle Times

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