$1.7 Million Wage Settlement Against AA Window and Gutter

The Superior Court in King County, Washington granted final approval for the payment of $1.7 million dollars for a class action lawsuit brought by Washington and Oregon technicians against a Kirkland, Washington based company, Quick & Clear, doing business as AA Window and Gutter Cleaning. The lawsuit was filed on December 9, 2016 to recover unpaid wages owed for off-the-clock work by technicians who performed roof, window, and gutter cleaning services. The lawsuit resulted in a recovery for unpaid drive-time, compensation for towel washing, fines and penalty assessments, and overtime calculations that did not include bonuses.

Left to Right: Attorney Scott Blankenship, Class Rep. Jeff Main, Attorney Rick Goldsworthy, and Class Rep. Todd Phelps

The settlement came after the court entered a judgment for the class on September 1, 2017 on all issues. King County Superior Court Judge John P. Erlick ruled that AA Window owed the class members wages for unpaid drive time, and time spent maintaining tools, equipment, and supplies (including laundering towels). The Court further found that the conduct was willful as a matter of law entitling the class members to double damages, and an award of attorney’s fees and costs.

The settlement agreement signed by the parties in the court records indicates that five days after the entry of judgment against it, Defendants began paying all class members these wages going forward and changed its practices to conform with the court’s order. The lawsuit ultimately resulted in the Class recovering more in the net settlement than the base wages allegedly owed to class members and will result in a substantial recovery for liquidated damages (double the amount of wages). For further information about this case, and to read the settlement agreement and other court documents including a hyperlinked timeline, please visit the AA Window case page on the website.


Roof, Gutter Cleaners Get OK For $1.7M Wage Settlement – Law360