$2.5M Awarded to Healthcare Workers in CHI Medical Group Wage and Hour Case

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Separation Agreements

In addition to handling complex employment matters, The Blankenship Law Firm routinely advises clients on severance agreements.

If you have been fired, you may be asked to sign a severance agreement. Severance agreements usually require employees to sign away their potential claims against the employer for a severance payment or extended benefits. Although you may have been shocked by the termination, and you may be tempted to sign the agreement immediately so you can pay your bills, if you do so you are often waiving your legal rights in exchange for a small amount of salary. It’s important that you contact an expert attorney to find out what legal claims you could possibly have before signing any severance agreement. Because we frequently go the distance, employers know to take your demands seriously when you have our proven advocacy on your side.

At The Blankenship Law Firm, our skilled attorneys have expertise in advising clients on their severance agreement, and can often negotiate larger payouts.

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