Posted on Jun 02, 2023
The Blankenship Law Firm, PLLC and Plaintiffs Dr. Michael Romney, Dr. Faron Bauer, and Dr. Kristen Childress filed a lawsuit in the Superior Court of the State of Washington in King County against Franciscan Medical Group on November 13th, 2013. The claims were moved to arbitration with the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”) in April 2018. The Plaintiffs claim that Franciscan Medical Group, Franciscan Health System, Franciscan Health Ventures, Franciscan Physicians Health Network, LLC, and Catholic Health Initiatives failed to credit them for all hours worked or to pay them all wages owed in breach of their employment contracts, violating Washington wage statutes (RCW 49.48 et seq. and 49.52 et seq.). Plaintiffs seek to correct these unlawful employment practices and seek relief individually and on behalf of the Class.

Are You a Member of the Class?

The Arbitrator has defined the class as follows:

All Washington physicians, physician assistants (“PA”), and advanced registered nurse practitioners (“ARNP”) who entered into contracts with Respondents (hereafter collectively referred to as FMG) providing that they receive compensation “per hour” for time worked at any of Respondents’ Prompt Care or urgent care facilities from November 13, 2010 to the present.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I need to do to participate in the class action?
A: Nothing! If you are a member of the class action, you will receive notice by mail and e-mail. If you have questions about whether or not you are a class member, please contact us at 206-343-2700 or [email protected].

Q: If I am a class member, will I recover compensation?
A: We cannot guarantee the outcome of litigation. However, we feel strongly that most, if not all, class members are owed a significant amount for unpaid work they did at CHI Franciscan. We will make every effort to ensure all class members are fully and fairly compensated.

Q: Who represents me in this lawsuit?
A: All class members are represented by the attorneys at The Blankenship Law Firm, PLLC, including lead attorney Scott Blankenship.

Q: Can CHI Franciscan contact me?
A: No. If you are a class member, CHI Franciscan cannot contact you directly.  If you are a class member and you have ever been contacted by anyone from CHI Franciscan about a lawsuit, please immediately contact us.

Q: Can my employer take any negative action against me as a result of my participation in this class action lawsuit?
A: No! It is illegal for your employer to take any negative action against you for your participation in a class action. You can participate in this lawsuit without fear of losing your job, receiving a demotion, or suffering from any other adverse action from your employer. If you feel that you are being pressured not to participate in this lawsuit for fear of retaliation or other negative treatment, please contact us immediately. We will work with you to ensure your rights are fully protected.

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