Persistent Fight for Justice

Having had the opportunity to witness and make substantial contribution to the growth of one of the largest and fastest growing corporations over the past decade had always made me feel proud.

For the most recent years, working full time at the same company with a serious disability had also been something that gave me so much hope and purpose in life until all of a sudden the reasonable accommodation I had been officially receiving was abruptly taken away from me by a new management following my medical leave.

Then one event after another started to evolve blurring the boundary between a bad noir story and an outright nightmare. Before long, I found myself working very long hours, struggling with a serious disease and at the same time fighting discrimination at a place I loved so much.

In the months that followed, I complained to the company time and again, but to no avail. Along the way, I discovered the sad reality that as long as someone is labeled “low performer”, even when the premise is completely false, the whole corporate machine would crushing down on you like a hurricane without any mercy and never bother to check on the supporting facts. At last, I gathered all my energy, wrote through many dark nights, and finally filed an official complaint in writing. I was issued an official response the very next day – a termination letter.

Looking for an attorney to take my case then became another uphill battle until Greg from Scott’s team called passionately, following a conversation with one of my witnesses.

To summarize Scott’s team, the words from one of the firm’s past clients come to my mind – personable professional, success.

Along the process, I delightedly discovered Scott’s team has quite an interesting mix of personalities under their attorney’s dark suits. Aside from being extremely intelligent, they are indeed a passionate bunch. As a client, you not only will feel very safe with your case in their hands, but also you will feel being blessed to be associated with these people that can make a legal struggle that much different from what one usually expects.

They went through extra miles to shield unnecessary pressure and anxiety from their clients, while at the same time, worked diligently to protecting client’s interests.

At the end of the day, I feel satisfied that my lost pay was reasonably compensated, Scott’s team was rewarded for their hard work, and I got a sense of justice.

Although my case ends here, I believe without a doubt that the story with Scott’s team will continue. With their almost contagious passion and exceptionally persistent fight for justice, certain corporations’ bad behaviors will change and our society could become an even better place for all the hard working good people to enjoy their lives without having to face any type of wrongful discrimination.

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