Class Actions

The Blankenship Law Firm recognizes that many of our clients seek justice in the face of illegal employment practices that affect others in their workplace. Class action lawsuits allow us to work towards global solutions that not only compensate current and past employees for the wrongs they have suffered, but also ensure that current and future employees no longer suffer from these practices going forward.

For the last 20 years, Scott Blankenship and his team at The Blankenship Law Firm have been certified in numerous class actions as competent class counsel in state and federal court, as well as being admitted pro hoc vice in multi-state class actions across the nation.

We currently represent classes of individuals in two separate class action lawsuits for violations of state and federal overtime pay regulations. For more information about the claims and to find out whether you qualify as a class member, please follow the links below:

– AA Window and Gutter Cleaning

– Banner Bank